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Employees must come first

on August 28, 2016 Featured, Talent Management and Tags: , with 0 comments
Pressure will challenge the ability to act the way you should and push you to act the way you have to, but employees deserve growth beyond companies.

    In any recruitment business or role, the candidate must be at the center and every effort must be to provide that candidate with the most suitable mission. All going according to plan, the candidate will become an employee, someone you’ll have to nurture and treasure. Somewhere down the road, you might face situations […]

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Tips when Adopting a Sourcer and Recruiter Model

on August 21, 2016 Featured, Talent Acquisition and Tags: , with 1 comment
There has been a lot of discussing on how to structure a recruitment team. This is my take and experience on the ancient "sourcer and recruiter" war.

  There has been some discussing about recruitment team organization, sourcing vs recruiting roles, sourcing definition and how organizations can slice (or not) 360 degrees. Although I defended and deployed a “sourcer + recruiter” model, and in fact I do recognize the value of an independent sourcing role, I’m not dogmatic and believe each organization […]

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