I’m a recruiter. Now what?

on September 4, 2016 Career, Featured and Tags: , with 0 comments
My experience and some tips for those who recently embarked a recruiter mission journey, coming from a not so obvious previous role.

    Back in 1999, when I was finishing my computer science and business management degree, I never thought I would be working in a recruitment and staffing business. Hiring someone was something that never crossed my mind I would be doing only 12 months after. How did I switch my career into recruitment? I’ve […]

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Employees must come first

on August 28, 2016 Featured, Talent Management and Tags: , with 0 comments
Pressure will challenge the ability to act the way you should and push you to act the way you have to, but employees deserve growth beyond companies.

    In any recruitment business or role, the candidate must be at the center and every effort must be to provide that candidate with the most suitable mission. All going according to plan, the candidate will become an employee, someone you’ll have to nurture and treasure. Somewhere down the road, you might face situations […]

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Tips when Adopting a Sourcer and Recruiter Model

on August 21, 2016 Featured, Talent Acquisition and Tags: , with 1 comment
There has been a lot of discussing on how to structure a recruitment team. This is my take and experience on the ancient "sourcer and recruiter" war.

  There has been some discussing about recruitment team organization, sourcing vs recruiting roles, sourcing definition and how organizations can slice (or not) 360 degrees. Although I defended and deployed a “sourcer + recruiter” model, and in fact I do recognize the value of an independent sourcing role, I’m not dogmatic and believe each organization […]

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My Sweet Spot

on September 22, 2015 Career, Featured with 0 comments
Never before I felt so sure with the path laying in front of me. What I do, work with and see myself doing, it all seams clear. I found my sweet spot.

  A few weeks ago, one of my LinkedIn connections reached out to me about something I mention on my LinkedIn profile summary “I can narrow my professional sweet spot to the intersection of Technology, Human Capital and Business”. She is a career coach and wanted to understand if I really felt I had found […]

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Our employment relationships are based on lies

on August 14, 2015 Featured, Leadership and Tags: with 0 comments
The Alliance confronts us with a powerful statement. “The employer-employee relationship is based on a dishonest conversation”. Learn how to deal with it.

  Recently I got my hands on “The Alliance – managing talent in the networked age” by Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha and Chris Yeh. It was a gift from LinkedIn when they visited my company for a on site training with our Recruitment team. It sited for a while by my bed but finally I […]

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Blend out

on July 24, 2015 Featured, Talent Acquisition with 0 comments
Anyone who doesn’t noticeably communicate a valuable message will get stuck with very low reach and most likely stall. Blend out. It's mandatory.

    In today’s hyper fast, stimulus filled and information overflowed world, anyone who doesn’t noticeably communicate a valuable message will get stuck with very low reach and most likely stall. Making a difference, rippling the pod and ultimately blending out is mandatory. This Lexus IS TV commercial, even though in a completely different field, […]

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IT Workers: A Breed of Their Own

on July 13, 2015 Career and Tags: , with 0 comments

    A very funny, but quite accurate, video by TEKsystems that explains what the heck are IT workers and what is working on the tech industry.   Join Paul in a tour to the IT department at eBark.    

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Well, where it goes…

on July 6, 2015 Business, Human Capital, Technology and Tags: with 0 comments
Well, where it goes... This is my very first post. I believe now it's time to let some of my thoughts out. I'll try my best to accomplish it.

  Hi everyone! I’ve setup this website about a year and a half ago, short after a personal “journey” that opened up my perspectives and pointed out some clear paths I understood and knew I should take. As a result I got a first version of the website (but also got to learn WordPress). The initial objective […]

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