A deeper look into my world

After an initial fly by in IT support, web development, programming and R&D during my college years, I joined the biggest Portuguese IT professional services company where I began by being part of some business intelligence and analytics projects.

Since the beginning, my computer science and business management academic background kicked in and pushed me into business related professional areas that then led me into Talent Management. This path, besides allowing to learn more about myself, also drove me to discover new roles and subjects that I never thought of.

Currently I’m a senior talent and business manager and head of innovation of transformation at Novabase Neotalent. I also provide career and talent professional services to both individuals and businesses. I love and practice Archery and I’m the co-founder of Pelo Rim, an online nonprofit community devoted to prevent and teach about kidney disease.

My other side and some fun facts

I have 3 kidneys, my two originals that stopped working plus one, donated by my wife. This life changing even led my wife and I to launch Pelo Rim, a community devoted to kidney disease. I'm also a recurve bow archer, shooting arrows to targets both at 15 and 70m.

I like Legos and puzzles. The fastest puzzle I ever did was a miniature puzzle with 1000 pieces under 24h, the biggest one had 4000 pieces measuring 136 x 96cm. I'm also a big fan of Star Wars (and yes… I have a purple light saber with sound and everything!). I like aeroplanes and astronomy. I wonder if I’ll ever turn any of these into my fifth activity.

I have a dog, which I believe doesn't even qualify as a dog given how small it is. She's called Beca. The name doubles as the female short name and also as a Portuguese slang word that means “a small piece”, which suits quite well since Beca is just “a small piece of a dog”.

Check out and follow my Instagram feed for some snapshots of my world.

The meaning of (my) life

No deed is too small if it is embedded with the intent to leave a positive dent in the universe and each day I try my best to do just that.

I believe knowledge is meant to be expanded and shared. Since I realized that my professional purpose and sweet spot lives in the crossroad of technology, talent and business, I’ve been learning, developing projects and broadcasting knowledge in areas such as career management, talent acquisition, talent development, HR tech and business transformation.

All this comprehends a greater meaning since I've been given the opportunity to have a second chance in life after I got a kidney transplant with one of my wife's kidney.

So, here I am giving back.