Career, Recruitment and Business Services

I focus my work and services in the crossroad of Technology, Human Capital and Business. I truly enjoy engage with new open-minded people, share, learn and get busy with new ideas and projects. Whether you seek career advise, talent services, management consulting services or simply want to exchange some thoughts, let's have a quick chat to see how can I help you.




Candidates are overwhelmed by all the companies trying to get their attention. It’s crucial to have the right message, tools and processes to find the right talent to your team. In this symphony it’s all about the melody, not how loud you play it.


Whether you need help with a business plan, research on a new project, search and structure information or simply need someone to discuss your ideas with. I’ve had my share of (ad)ventures. I’m here for you, for your project or your organization.


You’ve lost your job or feel the need to change your path. You read a lot of stuff online but it all seems too common sense or too shallow. Everyone you chat with has some tip, but you still feel lost. Probably you need a career GPS.

Allows his teams to grow, listens to their opinions and needs. Paulo biggest talent is the fact he is an extrordinary person. Conveys confidence and I’m proud to be a part of his team.
— Direct Report
Paulo is very humane and has an above average work capacity. He is pragmatic but does not leave behind important details and is focused on results of excellence. Has a good grip on risk and uncertainty. Is capable to create empathy with people he recently meets quite easily.
— Peer

Who am I and what drives me

I’m a Career, Talent Aquisition, Staffing and Business Manager. I vibe with everything related with Talent, Technology and Business. I develop projects and share knowledge about talent acquisition, talent development and HR tech. I practice Archery, a long time passion I have, and I’m the co-founder of Pelo Rim, a nonprofit community devoted to prevent kidney disease.



I can establish natural rapport with others. I step into the shoes of the other part so I can have a better perspective of what to deliver.



By default I don’t reject something I don’t know or understand. Most likely that new thing will enrich me and the my work.



Life as given me a few kicks in the butt but I’ve kept myself clinging to the horse. I don’t give up easily when put my hands on something.



I often get in the zone when I’m doing something and live it intensely. That positive energy passes over to others and pushes the team forward.