Well, where it goes...

Hi everyone!

I've setup this website about a year and a half ago, short after a personal "journey" that opened up my perspectives and pointed out some clear paths I understood and knew I should take. As a result I got a first version of the website (but also got to learn Wordpress).

The initial objective was to showcase who I am in a more personalised way when comparing with LinkedIn. But for some time I've been wondering if I would also have interesting stuff to say or share, and the guts to go with it, and start posting it.

Well, where it goes... This is my very first post.

I truly admire those with the gift of speech and writing. I'm not that gifted. I'm just a curious guy with lots of stuff wondering around in the head. I believe now it's time to let some of it out. I'll try my best to accomplish it. Again, I'm not that gifted.


For some time I’ve been wondering what might be my true professional call. Even though life can take us thru unexpected paths (check), our interests can evolve (check) and we fill our time with different stuff (check), at this time, I can narrow my major professional interests to the intersection of Technology, Human Capital, and Business.

In this blog, which without any imagination I called "Technology | Human Capital | Business", I'll share some ideas and thoughts about these three subjects and probably others that might come out in the way.


So far I've worked in IT support, web development, teaching, programming, R&D, business intelligence, business management, business development, IT staffing, outsourcing, scheduling, talent acquisition, non profit and healthcare advocacy. I don't want to stop it here. I know I still can do more and better.

I'll always keep myself open to new paths and discoveries, following what drives me and allows me to put a positive dent in this world.


Feel free to reach out, share your own thoughts and comments!